Mentorship Program

Ever wanted to have a personal coach? Not just for dance technique but to help you with business decisions?

What is a Bellymogul?
A bellymogul is a dancer who has figured out what her niche and brand is. What is she doing with the info? She is using that to her utmost advantage! She is getting the gigs that she wants and learning the ropes of restaurant dancing!

What is the Bellymogul Program?
Originally the bellymogul program was created by Amartia for the selfish purpose of filling the restaurants where she schedules with dancers who are professional, talented performers. But over time it has morphed into something else. The program still helps teach you what owners expect, how to handle situations, how to adjust your music, props and dancing so that you will be a crowd favorite. The Bellymogul program is for artists who want to be entrepreneurs. It helps them building a lasting business with multiple streams of income.

What Does the Program Entail?
The program covers everything. Amartia will assess what materials you have and where your business stands. She will also work with you to discover your niche and how to adjust your marketing materials to reflect that. You will be giving assignments on a weekly or monthly basis to help you prepare for meetings with owners, arriving at restaurants, subbing, being on a monthly schedule and more! Each program will be sub-customized to fit the dancer’s level and needs.

What is This Going to Cost Me?
The cost depends on how much you need. If you want long term assignments that span 1 month, it’s $45 a month. If you want bi-monthly assignments, it’s $70/month If you want weekly attention, then it is $125/month

Why Should I Enroll?
If you are in her area, then Amartia can guarantee you an audition and if you’ve followed her program, you just might have a gig with her! And if getting that gig in your area is what you want and you’ve tried everything you can think of, why not give her method a shot?

AND so much more!  Contact Amartia to get started TODAY!