Want to Learn to Bellydance with Amartia?

Well, You’re in LUCK! Amartia is teaching weekly belly dancing classes again!

Thank you for your interest. Amartia is not currently teaching weekly dance classes. Please check back again in the Fall!

Want Amartia to teach at your gym or studio?

Here are some options for Fitness FUN Classes at YOUR location!

Bellydance for Fun and Fitness
Learn how to move and SWAY your hips in ways you never thought possible! Have fun while gaining core flexibility and strength. Award-winning Belly Dancer Amartia will teach you the basics of belly dance for a solid foundation not only for your body but in dance! All you need is a fun attitude and a willingness to learn. Please wear comfortable form-fitting clothing so that your movements can be seen. Hip scarves are optional. Bare feet, socks or dance shoes please; no sneakers

Bellydance for Tone and Technique – Putting the AB Back in ABingdon
While furthering your knowledge of bellydance, Amartia will show you bellydance inspired abdominal exercises that will lessen your waistline. With an emphasis on nailing those hip drops, you’ll hit those abs hard while still having fun. With the Drills, come Thrills! Get ready to sweat! Challenge yourself with new combinations and variations. Each week will add another layer to your bellydance repertoire while still bringing home the basics and busting those abs. You’ll add grace, strength and fluidity to your body. Have an easy answer to the “Show me your bellydance moves questions!” For the super brave there will also be the opportunity to learn how to put together a choreography to any song with a 4 tempo beat.

Bellydance Happy Hour
Drop the kids off at their dance class and have some fun! Your most dreaded time of the week can be turned into a favorite. No more waiting around for their class to finish when you can have your own! Get together with the ladies and shimmy and shake with a bellydance happy hour class. Amartia will teach you to move and wiggle your hips in a stress- free fun environment. The name says happy hour and it will be an hour of happy!