One-on-One Classes with Amartia

Why go to a weekly class when you can have Amartia all to yourself?
If you want personal customized attention, then a private lesson is the way to go.

Amartia can and will customize a lesson plan to your desire. Do you want to focus on a choreography? A certain technique? Get private instruction on one of Amartia’s workshop topics? Just learn more about Greek style dance? It’s all up for grabs!

Packages vary on the services to be rendered:

Just a taste: $65/hr.
Style a piece: $75/hr.
Make it and Show it to me: $150/hr
(amount of time depends on the complexity of choreography sought and length of time to each based on student’s ability.)

This last package packs more oomph than a standard choreography lesson. Amartia will create a custom choreography to your song of choice. She will give you handouts and videos of the choreography for you to practice on your own. As well as teach you the choreography step by step. The choreography will be yours to perform and teach as you see fit.

For the Newbie

Why do I need private lessons?
Maybe you are ready to take your dance to that next level. A private lessons allows you to discuss any topic you might want- launching your business, getting restaurant gigs, dealing with the dance community. Or perhaps you want to tighten up your technique, which isn’t always possible in a large class. Lastly, perhaps you saw Amartia do this super cool move and you want to learn how she did that!

For the Seasoned Performer

What can Amartia teach me that I don’t already know?
There is always something new to learn from another dancer. No performer knows everything about everything. Maybe she did something at a performance that you’d like to add to your repertoire. Perhaps your technique is on par with hers, but is your marketing? Maybe you would like to learn how she comes up with her ideas or flyers and have her help you with some website content.

Do you want to add Greek style to your repertoire?
Amartia has a unique knowledge not just of Greek culture but of Greek dance. Her upbringing and education in the Greek church and folk dance life allow her to offer you not only the movements but the culture perspective of both the older and the newer generation.