Here are 10 ideas that your mom is sure to love!

1. Photograph: does your mom have a photo of you and your brothers and sisters together? Portraits are a great way to say thanks mom!  Get a nice photo taken of all of you together, not killing each other, and put it in a nice frame. There are plenty of groupons as well as local photographers who can help you out!


2. Maid service: you could pay for a maid service to come clean your mom’s home. Give her that break for the day OR a cute twist on this idea would be to make a coupon for a free cleaning service from you. Perhaps you’ll vacuum the whole house. She can redeem it at any time.


3. Wine tasting/concert: boordy vineyard has concerts all summer and spring long. Their wine is great and so is the atmosphere. Get your mom tickets to a show!


4. Jewelry: For the mom who loves to sparkle, look no further than Esme’s closet. She can help you find something within your budget that your mom will love! The prices are reasonable and it’s a US vendor so the shipping won’t break the bank.


5. Bellydance happy hour- what better way to treat your mom than to her very own bellydance happy hour?  A belly dance happy hour is a unique gift, involves music, fun and exercise.  You can surprise her by inviting a few of her friends over or let her plan it by giving her a gift certificate to redeem when she is ready.  Your mom and her friends can shimmy and giggle the day away!


6. Baseball game: Is your mom a sports fan? Get her tickets to an Orioles game or an Aberdeen Iron Birds game. If the weather is nice and the beer is flowing, then she is bound to have a great time! It’s also something that the two of you can do together.

baltimore mothers day,mothers day baltimore, bellydance by amartia

7. Cook dinner: how many times has your mom rushed home from work and put dinner on the table? Why don’t you do it for her? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I can speak from experience when I say that knowing that you didn’t have to make it yourself makes any dinner delicious! If you truly can’t cook and may burn down the house- get carryout from her favorite restaurant. Don’t just order pizza; take it a little step further to let her know she’s special.


8. Flowers- I’m not saying to order and have flowers deliver or even bring a bouquet. Plant some. You can plant them in advance and hope they bloom by mother’s day or plant some that are already blooming. Surprise her with a fun floral surprise just outside her door!


9. Candy- but unique candy, with your face on it and best mom and #1 mom. They  can put just about anything on an m&m candy these days and what woman doesn’t like chocolate?


10. Peace and quiet: what mom doesn’t love that? Find a way to give her a day of peace and quiet. Get you and your siblings out of the house or your dad or whoever is there and say do what you want! See you later. She might get to put her feet up and read a book or take a bubble bath. Silence, is golden!

I hope that these 10 ideas have helped you and that your mom has the best Mother’s day ever!