All of these dancers are killing it on their respective social media platforms as well as working together in some instances to even further boost their reach. I have given a short blurb on each but there is so much more I could say. I am hoping that you will check these dancers out!  If you’re looking for dancers to follow to learn more about how to dominate on social media, these are IT!

Mahin– I’m sorry, but you don’t know about the Bellydance Quickie? Have you been living under a rock?

Shira– Shira is not only an accomplished dancer and dance-ologist (researcher of dance) BUT her site has some of the best set of references and translations of songs around!

Princess Farhana– I learned how to balance a shamandan because of this lady’s DVD. She is not only an amazing bellydancer, but burlesque performer and tarot reader as well! Her courses and posts about branding are a must-see!

Cassandra Fox– Her videos on Instagram have gone viral. She posts tips and tricks to mastering movements as well as her own struggles in dance. She is honest and hysterical.

Shahrzad – A local fave of mine. She is an accomplished world-wide artist and currently lives, performes, and teaches in Egypt. For the costumes ALONE, you should check her out.

Diva Darina– A European dancer who is dominating the scene. Her technique is on point but she also pushes the envelope with her pieces- even performing to a Pentatonix song. Her creativity seems to know no bounds.

Anna Borisova– This lady is my costume soul sister. From the moment she posted a Minion costume, I knew I had to follow her. Her passion for the dance and for learning in general, is infectious. She will make you fall in love with Egyptian dance all over again.

Magnolia– This Atlanta dancer teaches, performs and travels. Her feed is full of her shenanigans both off and on the stage. Her be behind the scenes of dancer-life video are hysterical!

Iana– If you haven’t checked out her podcast, then you are missing out. Iana’s podcast features some of the most famous dancers from around the world and covers everything from life to dance, to touring and more!

Yuliya of NY/NJ– This lady has a massive following on Instagram. She blends her love of costuming and dance with her love of her family, her pets and her red bottoms!

Johara– She is one of the top bellydancers in Egypt. Yes, the one that got in trouble for her costume. If you want to see more of what dancing in Egypt is like, make sure to follow her.

Marta Korzun– A European dancer who has stolen the scene. Marta is not only an amazing dancer but her feed is full of tips for aspiring dancers as well as pros. She also is willing to answer any questions you might have. Marta is very honest and even shows us how she manages to fill all the things into one day.

Bombay Bellyrina– I haven’t seen her bellydance as much anymore BUT she has turned her bellydance into the Twitter Gets Fitter brand and is even partnered with Google. Her hustle is REAL! Her posts are authentic, helpful and she’s a real sweetheart.

Jennifer– A Florida dancer who has over 3K subs on her Youtube page. If you want to know what to do with your strategy- take a look at hers! She carefully crafts each video, post, blog and more to get the most bang out of her social media.

Oreet– A dancer who is not only amazing in her own right but has turned her bellydance teaching program into an ACE fitness certified program. If you want to figure out how to get your local gym to accept bellydance as a true fitness class, then make sure to check out Oreet and her Sharqui Shake Your Beauty movement!

Kamrah– The only Trans masculine professional Belly Dancer in Egyptian, Lebanese, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion styles that I am aware of. He is located in Chicago, Illinois and is so fierce and amazing!

If you feel like there is someone that I’ve missed, feel free to comment with them below! I’m always on the look out for more boss dancers to follow! And if you’d like to follow me feel free to so do here: