I’m trying to put in as many lists and tools as I can onto the blog to help out my fellow dancers. You never know when someone might mention something that you didn’t think of and it helps you out. In this installment, I am covering the 5 gig tools that every¬† bellydancer should be using. Now these go from tech to feet to face so let’s go!

1. Multiple shoes. You never know if a floor is going to be good for bare feet or for your spinning so make sure to throw an extra pair into your bag. They can be ballroom shoes, ballet slippers or even partial toe covers but having them at your disposal when you need them is never a bad idea!

2. Finger cymbals. I know that not everyone likes them or feels proficient with them but if you have them with you then you have the opportunity to practice. You’ll never forget the smile on that little kid’s face when they see how much noise you can make! I keep a few in a zip-loc bag in my gig bag at all times so I am always ready to go with different tones and sizes for various venues.

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3. Multiple forms that contain/ play your music. Not all places are Ipod proficient and sometimes things can go wrong. Their cable doesn’t work or doesn’t have the right hookup for your newer generation Ipod. I always have the connector cables with me. Another good thing is to keep a speaker with you. You don’t have to have a big PA system but having a small one in case things go out is never a bad idea.

4. Face towel. We sweat. a LOT. Having a way to dab or wipe off your face between gigs is a great idea. Also you don’t have to ask for tissues or wipe a rough towel across your face. I’ve even been known to drive with one on my chest while I continue to sweat in the 90 degree summers of Baltimore.

5. Fake hair/ hair decorations. See above for Baltimore heat. I have curly hair and it can get a bit crazy and no amount of product can sometimes tame it. I keep a drawstring pony tail for such circumstances in my bag. I can pull my hair up and go from crazy 80’s lady to professional in 5 min. I also keep clips and other things in my bag in case having it up isn’t an option but I want to try to tame the beast.

I hope that these 5 gig tools have helped you as they do me in my quest to have everything and the kitchen sink in my gig bag! If you have tools you’d like to add to the list, please feel free to comment with them below!