I warned you all, I am on a blogging roll! But in all seriousness the questions that are out there are many and I aim to answer them all this year! This week’s post is all about 5 makeup tools that every bellydancer should be using. What I’m about to impart to you is short, sweet and is not just gleaned from my own experiences. I made sure to get the input of my professional dancer peers on this one as well!

1. Makeup in general. I know that some people don’t like makeup but it’s par for the course when you’re a bellydancer  it enhances your features regardless of the lighting. I am not saying that you need to go crazy with it but you do need to use it to complete your look. As much as I take care of my skin, it can still have unflattering lighting and that is what makeup helps to reconcile.
2. Primer. I cannot stress this one enough. if you’ve ever had issue with keeping your foundation or your eye shadow on then orimer is the answer. it helps the makeup lay better and keeps it there longer. There are loads of brands out ther eand within those brands there are different options depending on your skin type, age, etc. Get a sample and try them out today!
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3.  Tape. Not toupee tape or dress tape, scotch tape. There is specific makeup tape but if you’re in a pinch, the stuff from 3M will do!  If you have problems keeping your eyeshadow to your eye area and feel like you get it everywhere, then tape will help. You can use a piece of tape to create a lot of looks and make your lines look super clean. If you want to use a cat-eye as your go to look, then you can use tape to create it and the when you peel it off, voila! it’s perfect.
4. Elf makeup remover stick. A dancer suggested this tip on Facebook. It’s inexpensive and can be found anywhere. Personally I use micelle water as a makeup remover. I find that it is gentle on the skin. If it’s a makeup wipe you’re looking for, Neutrogena wipes are the only ones that I’ve tried that actually get all of my dancer makeup off.
 5. A pouch with a few minis of the items you like to use. This should stay in your gigbag at all times. It may seem like common sense but it is easy to forget.  Take a small pouch and put miniature versions of your lipcolor, some powder, eyeliner, heck I even keep a tube of eyelash glue in there in case I sweat them off and they need to be reapplied! This way,no matter what the situation or the lighting you are prepared! I typically use the samples that I get from other makeup purchases or items from my Ipsy bag for these.
I hope you have enjoyed this post! I am sure that some of my readers could come up with more than 5 things and if you do then feel free to add them to the comments below!