Given that Baltimore is currently experiencing “Jonas” or snomagedon, snopocalypse, whatever you prefer to call it, I thought I’d write about belly dance and winter.

So, how do belly dancers deal with unpredictable weather? Now, just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean all gigs get cancelled. There have been a couple of times, where it snowed ( a few inches mind you, not this foot craziness that’s going on right now) and I had to go to a gig.

Here are 5 things that I did to ensure that I got to and from my gig safely, sparkles intact.

  1. Car Emergency Kit. I know, I know. I sound like Harford County emergency manager Rick, but it’s a good thing to have. I purchased one from Walmart and it has everything. It has a flashlight, a poncho, a can of fix a flat, flares, cones, and more. All of these things can help if you get stranded in some way to your gig.

  2. A shovel, kitty litter, and a scraper. You don’t need a big shovel, just something to help you dig out if you get stuck. The kitty litter is for traction in case your tires slip and if you know where you parked is icy, you can throw it around to save yourself from slipping getting in and out of the car. And unlike salt, you won’t be responsible for any roadway or sidewalk damage. The scraper is for your windshield. Just because you did it when you left the house, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do it again.

  3. Fuzzy shoes or boots. I know not everyone has snow boots but at the least make sure that you have a pair of fuzzy shoes with you. I dance in heels but I travel in fuzzy shoes to help keep me warm between gigs and it’s also a good idea to have a spare pair with you in case you get wet having to dig yourself out. 
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  4. Backup cell phone battery. I have one of those external phone/Ipod batteries. It helps in case my Ipod dies in between gigs but can be used for your phone as well. One thing you never want to be caught without if you get stranded is a means of communication. And if you’re using your phone GPS to navigate to your gigs it can drain your battery.

  5. Lotion. I know, this one has nothing to do with safety. You don’t realize how dry your skin gets in the winter until you get a performance photo and your elbows or knees are obviously dry. Even glitter lotion counts!

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 tips. Feel free to share your own in the comments below!