I know that it may be hard to think about spring right now, but it IS April. The weather in Baltimore hasn’t exactly screamed spring, but it is bound to warm up.  So, what does the change in weather mean for belly dancers? Well, I can think of 5 things:

  1. No more winter cover up: a winter cover up is usually heavy and made of velvet. I have even seen some cute fur ones! It is a dancer’s best friend in the winter months. It helps keep you warm after you perform and depending on how close your gigs are to each other in one evening, keep you warm and your costume covered as you run around town. But with spring’s arrival- no more heavy cover up!

  2. More hair products: Spring usually means more rain and humidity. Even for those dancers without curly hair this can be a challenge.  Sweaty post gig hair can turn into a frizzy mess. This usually means some sort of hair care product is getting added to the gig bag like hair oil or a hair tie for those desperate moments.

  3. Brighter costumes: Not to say that dancers haven’t been known to wear a bright costume in the winter but spring brings this out more. You’ll see more costumes with flowers on them, lighter colors, fabrics and a firm recognition that warmer sunnier weather is ahead. 
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  4. Sunscreen:  No, I’m not talking about dancers wearing sunscreen at the beach. I’m talking about tan lines.  Tan lines that can crop up in spots that are not necessarily the same as those exposed by the costumes that we wear and can look pretty funny. Spring also means more outdoor performances.  It’s easy to forget to put on sunscreen and end up with a costume shaped outline on your body.

  5. Outdoor Photoshoots:  There are those brave dancers who will do a photoshoot out in the snow- I myself have yet to take that leap. Spring means the flowers are in bloom and nature is providing a beautiful backdrop for photos. Maryland has some fabulous outdoor areas for shoots:  the Inner Harbor, the Loch Raven Reservoir, the Havre de Grace Boardwalk and more! And the best part is no Photoshop required! Just stand by that waterfall, tree line, beach, or garden and voila! Gorgeous photos!

So don’t despair dancers, spring is almost upon us and you have all 5 of these things to look forward to!