Since I’ve been performing and posting all of these experiments about Facebook, I figured why not give the other social media outlets some love? These are my beginning tips for twitter. Of course, I will be performing and posting an even more in-depth study later on. Here are my 8 secrets to being a belly dance rock star on twitter:

  1. Find other bellydancers and follow them- make sure they are active, no sense following those who aren’t

  2. Find other entertainers and follow them- they can be agents, musicians, painters, etc.

  3. Post at least once an hour- it may seem like a lot but the twitter feed is vast and not everyone is on at the same time. The hotspot seems to be during the noon-6pm EST timeframe

  4.    baltimore belly dancer, belly dancer baltimore, bellydance by amartia

  5. Learn how to shorten your links- you only have a few characters use the google link shortener or another program to make your link as small as you can

  6. Don’t overuse hashtags- use them sparingly or for fun. Sometimes your hashtag can gain you followers.

  7. Don’t only post about bellydance. It doesn’t all have to be about dance- posting something about business or entertainment or the sports teams can gain you exposure and followers which can lead to clients.

  8. Give people a shotout- this is a great way to get your content featured on someone’s blog or newsletter. Give those you like a shoutout and they just might return the favor.

  9. Link your account to Instagram- both use few letters, hashtags and who doesn’t love photos?

So this is how you get to have over 700 twitter followers and be a bellydance rock star on twitter like me!