Every bride puts a lot of planning into their wedding from beginning to end.  We have all been dreaming about it since we were 6, right? The wedding reception is the culmination of all the events of the day. The chance to celebrate and party all night! So, since it is the party of the century, what are you going to do to add ambiance to your event? Here are some ways to add ambiance to your Baltimore wedding reception.

  1. Strolling Musicians- Any wedding reception can have a band or a DJ but what about musicians that stroll around? You could have them during the cocktail hour portion of your reception. Walking around amidst your guests setting the tone for the rest of the evening. It will surely make your guests take note that they are walking around and not sitting at a stand with sheet music.

  2. Hostesses/Greeters- The first thing people do when they walk into a reception location is try to figure out what to do. You COULD just have the staff at the venue help guide everyone or have signs around but what about hiring professionals? Have someone in a fabulous outfit that exudes class and grace guide your guests. They could greet them as soon as they walk in, guide them over to the finger foods, help them find their table number, and make sure they are seated comfortably. 
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  3. Bellydancers-  Bellydancers can be the entertainment during any part of your reception. You could have them be the ambiance during the cocktail hour or the show to get the party started at the reception.  Another thing you might not know about belly dancers is that they can perform a traditional wedding entrance known as zeffa. The shorthand version is that the bellydancer announces the entrance of the happy couple to the reception- my escorting them in with specific music, dancing, AND balancing candelabra on her head with candles (if real flame is allowed). How’s THAT for adding ambiance to your event?

I hope that these tips have given you ideas and ways to be an adventurous bride. Set yourself apart from the rest and add fabulous ambiance to your wedding reception.