This may seem like a very odd blog post title but it’s something I had to think about recently. My trusted purple Amartia emblazoned rolling gig bag, bit the dust. It no longer zipped closed, pieces of plastic were coming off, there was a tear starting on one of the pockets. My poor gig bag, it was a mess.

So I went about trying to find a replacement. I had a size in mind and I wanted to find something sturdier. It took me a few months to get over the trauma of losing my trusted bad and to find one that met my criteria. Along with the aforementioned, the other thing I thought about was: what material?

Being a scientist i tried not to think about that my previous cloth gig bag had been on so many surfaces… soo.. many.. that were bathrooms, kitchen closets, home garages,  and things of that nature.

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Because what is a dancer to do? We only have certain places to change or to touch up and in order to do, we have to open our bag and find things. And in order to do that,  you have to set it down.

Short of carrying around a minitature blacklights ( you know who you are!) and examining the area that you’re in to pick the least gross spot to put your bag onto, the material matters.

So, trying NOT to think about the fact that my original bag was in fact cloth, cloth that had touched that floor and then since been in my house.. shudder shudder

I found a plastic sturdy version this time around. And I know what you’re going to say, but Amartia isn’t it also going to touch the ground? yes, yes it is. BUT this type of bag I can wipe down with a clorox wipe, i can’t throw my whole bag into the wash every time, wheels and all.

So dancers, take a look at your gig bag. Do you think it would glow under a blacklight- and not from the sparkles? does it need a cleaning. are you now realizing just how gross it might possibly be?

Well, i’m glad I gave you food for thought. after all, it is Thanksgiving season! lol