This week I wanted to do something super fun that combines not only my love of belly dancing but my love of all things Wonder Woman! Ever since I was little I have always love the super-heroine. My obsession knows no bounds! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I even have adventures with my Lego Wonder Woman.

Now, on to the blogging! Here are 5 ways to show you how belly dancers are like Wonder Woman.

1. Outfit changes-Any belly dancer can tell you, we are able to change out of one costume and into another very quickly. We are also able to change out of our costumes, our makeup and eyelashes into regular clothes just as quick. Just like Wonder Woman! Maybe we don’t exactly spin, but the typhoon of sparkles left over after we get ready for a gig may LOOK like we were spinning!

2. Assertiveness- Just like Wonder Woman we are able to take control of any situation. We don’t take crap from overly touchy audience members and those who might want to pay us in hummus. We handle every situation with strength AND grace.

3. Brains- If you watched the old TV series, then you would know that Wonder Woman was able to hold down a full time job as well as be a heroine. It is also said that she is a descendent of Athena who was known for intelligence and cunning. As for belly dancers, we are able to put together contracts, do business with restaurant owners, and keep it all straight!

4. Bullet proof bracelets- OK maybe ours aren’t bulletproof but they are sparkly and sometimes made of metal!

5. Speed- In the TV series, Wonder Woman was able to run and leap over things to get to her destination. We may not leap but we come pretty close. We are able to do multiple gigs across town in one night!

So there you have it! That is how belly dancers are like Wonder Woman. The next time you see a belly dancer, think twice! You may have just encountered, a wonder woman!