I know that the 4th of July marks the halfway point but there is still plenty of summer left. And still plenty of time to plan that Baltimore Summer Party. But what theme should you use? Well, this blog post is here to help. I’ve come up with a list of a few summer party themes that are sure to help your planning go a lot more smoothly.

1. Unicorns
They aren’t just for kids anymore and they are EVERYWHERE! From Starbucks to Emojis they have taken over our worlds. And why not? They are unique, ethereal, and elegant. You can take it to the max and have unicorn floaties in your pool and a craft table where everyone can make their own unicorn headband. OR you can make it a little bit lower key with some sparklers, unicorn lollipops, cupcakes, making sure to hit the more ethereal than literal feel.

2. Unicorns and Rainbows
I know, I just said unicorns but unicorns and rainbows are a tad bit different. This is the big and cheery side of unicorns. You can take the rainbow side to the max with rainbow lollipops, sugar, and I think there are even rainbow Oreos in existence.

3. Under the sea
No, it’s not a prom, it’s a theme. Mermaids are all the rage right now and you can take this to the next level if you have a pool. There are artists who will dress up in full mermaid regalia and swim in your pool and interact with your guests. If you want, you can even provide mermaid tails for your guests and they can learn to swim WITH her! If you’d like the land-lover version, this is where you can hire a bellydancer. Plenty of us have Ariel inspired, mermaid look outfits that can transform us into the “legs” version of the character for your event.

baltimore belly dancer, belly dancer baltimore, bellydance by amartia

4. Carnival
Can’t make it to a circus or festival? Then create a carnival in your own back yard.
Bring the same elements that you see every year at those events to your home. You can have a popcorn machine, cotton candy, hot dogs, and even rent or make the games that are there. A simple spinning wheel, bottle throw game, and some colorful decorations can make your party a hit! There can even be a prize table for cashing in your tickets. If you want to go all out you can also add a spot for a henna, face painting or temporary tattoo artist.

5. Tent it up
What better way to keep everyone out of the sun and in the shade than tents? You can set up a few in your backyard with rugs and pillow for people to sit on and really get to know each other. It can be as casual as you like or you can go for a more arabian theme with rich colors and fabric and yep, you guessed it. Invite a bellydancer! As an interactive option, you can have a bellydance happy hour in your tent. Your guests can enjoy libations if they choose and also learn some new moves. Nothing loosens your guests up like bellydancing lessons!

So there you have it 5 ideas to help brighten up your summer party bash. I hope these have been helpful. Feel free to comment with your own and keep the conversation going!