What does a Baltimore Belly Dancer do when she has PDH? Post Dance Hair!

We have all been there. You start out the gig looking fabulous and glittery and you end it looking like you put your finger into an electrical socket. You hair may have frizzed or be sweaty and stuck to your face and neck. Or it even may have lost its curl after you carefully set it.

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So, now what do you do? You don’t want to leave looking a mess or go to your next  gig that way. Short of washing it and starting from scratch there are a few things you can do. If it is decent enough that you put it up into a ponytail make sure you have some sort of hair accessory, a hair flower or a sparkly clip. They can go a long way to help make your hair look like you did it on purpose. I also like to pair a ponytail with a headband because as my hair is curly, even pulled back it tries to escape!  Another option is a head scarf- just a regular scarf that you tie around your whole head or you can fold it such that it is a wide headband. You can go the whole head option if you don’t have another gig to get to and just want to cover up the PDH. A nice patterned scarf can keep your hair out of your face and look stylish as you leave the venue.

If you are going on to your next gig and your hair really needs help, then try a fake hair piece. I like to use drawstring pony tails. You can find them in synthetic form at places like Sally’s beauty supply for about 10-20 dollars, depending on style and length. I have been able to find a few that match my hair color and texture fairly well. In order to put it on, first put your hair up into a ponytail and then some kind of bun- this will give a foundation to the piece.  The pony tail has a small cap area with combs. You put this over your bun, and then pull the string. It closes the piece over your hair and looks seamless voila gorgeous hair!

Here is aYouTube video that will help you visualize:

I hope that these tips have helped you deal with your cases of PDH. Feel free to share your PDH solutions here on the blog to help other dancers!