Bellydance by Amartia gives a short introduction to the subject that makes most dancers cringe: belly dance website html.

This is just a short introduction to website html. Just a few things that will help us dancer struggling with web design.  My web designer is fabulous but I can’t go running to her with every change I need to make. Also wordpress is great, user friendly and will do a lot for you with a simple click of a button. BUT at some point we all have to learn some shortcuts, coding, and html.  Yes I Know this makes even me go: Website html blarg!

Bellydance by Amartia discusses belly dance website html

These are some of the things that I have learned as I made my first fore into website design and modification:

<br> looks like <br > BUT that tiny space is actually important. This is what you need to put spaces in between your paragraphs on your page.

&nbrsp; Will also add spaces in between paragraphs but I have been warned that this will cause issues later. I don’t know what issues but when computer savvy people issue a warning, I usually take heed!

Also <p> denotes the beginning of a paragraph and </p> denotes the end of a paragraph. This is how you know what modifications you made i.e. indentation, etc. apply to what paragraph. They should be contained between those two.

<h1>, <h2> denotes the header. Header 1 is the largest, then 2 and so on. If you don’t have the option to select it from a drop-down menu, it may help to know these codes to put them in on your site.

Adding a Facebook badge, download buttons, PayPal buttons. I had to look up how to do all of these via the wordpress help forum AND Facebook.  They give you code to copy and paste to make the gif to link look however you like. I was very appreciative! For example:  My badge with a link that said to see what I was up to, looked like this:  <!– Facebook Badge START –> <a title=”Bellydance by Amartia” href=””>Want to see what Amartia is up to? Like her fan page!<img style=”border: 0px currentColor;” alt=”” src=”” width=”425″ height=”76″ /></a></p> <p style=”text-align: center;”><!– Facebook Badge END –></p>

It looks complicated, but you can do it!

Resizing your photos is easy to do. You can do it in paint- pretty much every computer has it. Just keep adjusting it until the file you save is the size you need for your upload parameters. This will also allow you to make photos the right size for banners, etc.  Now transparency is a whole other animal. You need to have a higher end photo editor for that and if the file isn’t saved in png (Photoshop file) format then it won’t stay transparent and your background will show up on your website.

I hope to be able to add to my list of skills in the future. Whenever you get stuck and can’t find a solution to your belly dance website html problem, just think; if Bellydance by Amartia can do it then you can too!