I think the cutest thing I experience as a belly dancer is the response we get from little kids. Little girls are specifically the most reactive. I can’t tell you how much it lights up my life to see a little girl look at me with wonder and awe as I am performing. They don’t always want to join me on the dance floor, but as long as they don’t cry, I’m ok with that!

I have been asked if I know Princess Jasmine and told that I look like Princess Ariel (when I wore a green costume and had red highlights in my hair). Of course I say yes, I saw her just the other day. Would you like me to tell her you said hello? And they squeal and giggle with delight!

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There may be some that think that a belly dancer isn’t appropriate for little girls- not family-friendly. To those naysayers, I saw PLBBBHHHHTTTT (insert your favorite raspberry sound here)! I throw at them an argument littered with all of the little girls who get up and wiggle with me and love every minute of it. Those little girls that will beg their parents to go to dinner for their birthday specifically when the dancer is performing at a restaurant. (This has happened to me, and the parents let me know that I was the reason why she wanted to come in for dinner).

A bellydancer can be just like a hired Disney princess at your party. We can come and entertain the little girls, join them in tea, take photos, and more! I have even been hired for a girl’s birthday party to teach them a few moves. The mom even bought them tiny swatches of fabric to use as veils. There was one little girl who could flutter her tummy with the best of them!

Please don’t listen to those who try to convince you that belly dancers are not appropriate. Let that little girl have the princess birthday party she wants. THIS Greek princess will be there with glitter, sparkles, bells (finger cymbals), AND rhinestones on!