Are you having a hard time figuring out what to do for you or your friend’s bachelorette party? Is the winter cold making it hard to think of anything that has to do with going out or even leaving the comfiness of your sweatpants?

Maybe this party is on the bottom of your ever-growing 2014 to-do list that also includes your resolution to get out more, spend more time with friends, and to get in shape. Why not combine a fun night out WITH your resolution to get in better shape!

A Bellydance Happy Hour is the ANSWER!

A bellydance happy hour is the perfect way to beat those winter blues and have a night out with your friends by shaking into a fabulous class where fun in the focus. You don’t have to have previous dance experience to have a bellydance happy hour class. You just have to have a fun attitude, a willingness to learn and the desire to have your shimmies on the rocks!

You can have a bellydance happy hour anytime anywhere. It doesn’t have to be at a public location it can be in the privacy of your own home. Invite a few girlfriends over and make a night of it. In terms of your bachelorette party theme you can make the happy hour the focus of the whole night or just the beginning. Take those moves out of the classroom and onto the dance floor!

A bellydance happy hour is for everyone who wants to have a great time. Start your party off right! Whether you are a hot shot girl or a top shelf diva there are packages to fit whatever you are looking for.

So C’mon! Take the plunge with a bellydance happy hour. With a fabulous T-shirt and a hip scarf you’ll be looking like a shimmy diva in no time!