No, my blog is not suddenly sponsored by Spike TV. But how cool would that be?

This article is about why business owners and belly dancers should watch Bar rescue. From my point of view, this show demonstrates not only to know what constitutes a good restaurant or business but to know if a specific business or demographic is a good fit or how to market your art so the clients you want will find you.

If you have cable and get the spike network, you need to check out Bar rescule. I know that Taffer yells at people a lot and the show seems to have drama for days but if you can ignore that and look at the analysis and the true business side of things, you will get a lot out of it.

Taffer actually analyzes the business and the market around it. There have been quite a few instances where no matter what the owner’s passion is, the market in the area just doesn’t support it.

I love the way he structures things in the show. He takes a look at the employees and the owner and figures out if the money loss is coming from the staff. Is it the environment? Training? Procedures? The quality of the end product? There are instances in which that is the main issue with the business.

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Then he moves on to the overall area. What is the market? Who lives in the area? How much money do they make? What are the other businesses doing? Are they also suffering or doing well? He then takes all that into account and makes a plan. In some instances he shows how doing what other businesses are doing, isn’t always the best thing. Especially when the market is saturated. Or perhaps for the owner and the employees what works for everyone else, doesn’t work for them.

This is something that we dancers could look at as well. If we are going to have bellydance as our primary profession and sole way of making a living, then we need to look at things like our product. Do we have the proper training to do what we want to do? Do we NEED to be like everyone else? Do we wan to offer the same things? Different things? What is our market? What will our market allow for in price? All of these things factor in.

We may all be fabulous dancers but we aren’t all businessmen/women. If you can’t afford to hire someone to help you with it it may be a good idea to check out this show!

We could all use a little downtime anyway 😉