Who doesn’t love weddings? The wedding ceremony and the reception are the representation of the love of two people- not to mention months if not years of planning!


Bellydancers are all about love. And having a huge dance floor to dance on and a great sound system from a DJ or band doesn’t hurt either! As I stated last week when discussing bridal showers, bellydancers aren’t just for themed weddings. Sure an Arabian theme, Persian theme or an Aladdin themed wedding IS perfect for a belly dancer but that doesn’t mean you are constrained by those themes to having a belly dancer at your wedding reception.


It’s not cliché if you have that theme and have a bellydancer at your wedding. We love coordinating our entertainment with your event. Bellydancers with an extensive costuming collection (such as Bellydance by Amartia, just take a look at the plethora in the photo gallery!) are able to match or complement your wedding colors.


There are many options when having a bellydancer as an entertainer at your wedding. One option is the zeffa. For those of you that may not know, in Arab culture the zeffa is the wedding procession. It is a musical procession of a certain rhythm known as a zeffa and consists of horns, bagpipes, drums, bellydancers and sometimes men carrying flaming swords. Typically, when you see a bellydancer in this setting, she has candelabra on her head. Yes, candelabra, with candles in it. They can those with real flame or battery powered- it all depends on the venue.

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Another option is a bellydancer as the entertainment during the reception. This can be at the beginning of a sit down dinner so people have something to watch while they eat. This is where a show with mood changes and loads of props would be appropriate.  OR the performance can be near the end of dinner and include an extended audience participation portion. This would clearly announce that the “party” portion of the evening has begun!


Any bellydancer would be happy to help you with your wedding reception; all you have to do is ask! We are full of ideas to make your day even more fabulous than I am sure it already is!