The last few weeks have been concentrating on the tough topics of bellydance. I wanted to take a moment and put a few on the brighter side. For instance: what is the best advice that we have received related to bellydance? When I posed this question to my fellow dance sisters on social media I was pleasantly surprised that, like my worst advice post, this one would have to be broken into two parts because it is just that good!

– Start. The best advice to give is that you should start bellydancing. Like, right now.
– Bellydancing is the fountain of youth. No matter your age, you won’t look or feel it.
– Never stop bellydancing. And don’t let anyone ever tell you to stop.
– Relax and don’t worry about offending people
– Don’t worry about making your partner jealous. This goes along with don’t wait until someone gives you permission to do what you love.
– Be yourself in your interpretation of the music. It is not necessary to always have memorized choreography.

baltimore bellydancer, bellydancer baltimore, bellydance by amartia-Listen to music as much as you can. This includes Om Kalthoum, full concerts.
-Rehearse like you perform.
– Don’t forget to warm up before a performance.
-Make an attempt to learn the history and the culture of the dance you are performing. This will help you learn the nuances of the art.
-Take a moment to look at Golden age dancers. They can teach you more than you know.
– Your dance is your story, no one else’s. Share your story with your audience or you are just showing the audience the moves that you know.
– If there are lyrics, get them translated. Research the music before you perform to it.

This is JUST part 1 guys! Part 2 will be coming next week! If you have anything to add from your own experiences, please feel free to comment with it below!