After the glow of Art of the Belly, Bellydance by Amartia had the priviledge of being the birthday party surprise entertainment for a client this past weekend.
What makes a birthday memorable? A quadruple layer cake? Extravagant presents?  Music?  Family? What makes it even more special? Surprise entertainment!
Being a birthday surprise is one of my favorite types of gigs. Being in on the mission impossible deception is so much fun! I love watching the shock on the face of the guest of honor, as my music starts and I burst onto the dance floor.  It’s all about making them feel special, having a good time, getting everyone it on the fun. Getting them out onto the dance floor and leaving the party on a high note so it can continue all night long. Well, at least until the hall says it’s time to go!
This past weekend was no different.  The client asked for a longer show, my full course package . So my show started with dramatic wings, then into a classic veil piece, followed by finger cymbals, a pop cane number, and a killer drum solo ending. And of course lots and lots of audience participation. I waited just outside the hall door, wrapped in my wings.  I was announced right after the cake was cut. It was kind of a hold on folks; the party wasn’t the only surprise.  We are just getting started! There is a belly dancer in the house!
Bellydance by Amartia Entertainment in Maryland

The birthday guest of honor was a great sport. I got him up to dance with me and he was one heck of a dancer! I was even able to get him to put on my zills and play while dancing. It was great! Guests really got into the performance, got up to dance with me, clapped and it was just a great time!  The guests were happy, the client was happy and I was glowing. It was a great night the whole way around.
Want to make sure your guest of honor has the best birthday ever? Then bring in Bellydance by Amartia to be the birthday party surprise entertainment.