One of the things that even I struggle with, is closing the deal with a client. Whether it be a class a workshop, we all seem to hesitant out of fear of sounding pushy. But we are not pushy!

It’s OK to keep asking for that payment to be sure it’s’ going through, it’s OK to ask for a deposit so you don’t rearrange your schedule. It’s OK to go after that gig!

SO how do you do it?

I go through a full workup of how to close that restaurant gig with my mentoring clients BUT here’s a free teaser just for my blog fans. My 4 top tips to close the deal.

1. Write yourself a script. It seems overkill but it really helps me. It’s more effective via email or phone than in person but it’s a place for you to start. Write a list of the most common questions you are asked and have your answers ready. The more confident you are and quick, the more likely your client is to trust you and then to seal the deal. If you are unsure then that plants a seed of doubt and that energy permeates and then they doubt whether they want to hire you.

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2. Know Your Why. We’ve all been there, why are you so expensive. Why this, why that. Don’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty of years of study, etc. Your clients want to know that you are a great dancer, sure, but that’s what your videos are for. Most likely they do not know who Suhaila or Dina are and could care less if you’ve studied with them. Think of 3 things that are your wow factor. Have you performed for a big audience, at a big venue? Are you booked every single weekend? Do you offer a prop that no one else does? A style that no one else does? Pick those 3 things that make you, YOU, and those are your why. If it doesn’t work for that client, then that’s not the client for you.

3. Follow up. Maybe you don’t book it the first time you speak to the person. TRY AGAIN. Don’t just give up after that first conversation. Send a follow up email, text, or phone call a day or two later. Check in with them. See if they need any more information from you, perhaps let them know that you have another booking request or another event. Sometimes, that extra bit of personal attention is all that it can take to separate you from another dancer and get you that gig!

4. Keep Pushing. I know, I hate it too. BUT it works. Keep everything heading to that sale. “What is your email address? Great, I can send you the contract and we can get started on the fun part” “I make it super easy for you o pay online via Paypal, you could send me the deposit right now”

NOW for an example 😉

Now that you’ve seen my top 4 tips, don’t you want to know the rest of my secrets? Don’t you want to be the one who gets the gigs instead of watching others?

Start your journey with me today and get that restaurant gig! Shoot me an email and I can get you started TODAY!