In this week’s post I am going to cover some advertising methods. Summer is a great time to come up with more creative advertising ideas to boost your business for the summer parties or even for your fall return to classes. Or in this case, some conventional ones that you have probably forgotten about. Here are 10 conventional advertising methods that work even for bellydance!

1. Paper mailers- Paper still works! All those extra pieces you get in the mail? Send out one of your own. It could be the postcard that someone looks at and says hey, i’d like to see that show!

2. Newspaper online and paper- I didn’t think a printed ad would do me any good but it has. Specifically if you have a local paper. I got quite a few additional students by putting an ad in a newspaper local to where I live. 

3. Word of mouth- Let your clients know it’s ok to talk about you and talk you UP to their friends! You can choose to offer them a bonus to do so or not, it’s up to you.

4. Contest- People still like to play games and win things. Offering your services as a prize for a contest is a great way to get your social posts shared and also to gain a new student!

5. Business cards- Another thing that you may think is not needed in the digital age, but they are.

6. Radio- This could probably be substituted with podcast but just in case, contact your local college stations, maybe they’d like to do an interview with you! You could promote your classes, your performances, and reach an audience you might not have before. 

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7. Mobile promotions. You’ll want to look up the insurance ramifications before doing this but advertise your business on your car: bumper sticker, decal magnet. It could get someone’s attention and they could take a pic and contact you. 

8.Billboard. Now you might need some help with this one. Maybe partner with the local restaurant where you perform and go in together? I’ve seen a dancer in Florida be shown frequently. Heck in Vegas they painted the dancer right on the outside of the building!

9. Phone calls. Sometimes the cold call is still the best way. Want to dance at a place? Want to teach at a studio? A phone call can go a long way. You can always direct them to your website or social media channels but reaching out is still a great way. 

10. Magazines- Yes, there are still local magazines. There are some that feature things in the area like your county could talk about its  one and only bellydancer. 😉 There are others that are solely for coupons and trust me, everyone still looks through those. Groupon hasn’t replaced all the deal finders as the only method out there. 

So there you have it, 10 conventional advertising methods that you can use for bellydance. Maybe some of these you knew, maybe some you didn’t or maybe you forgot about them! If I have forgotten any, please leave them in the comments below. Or if you try something and it works for you, I’d love to hear about it!