What are you doing for your corporate holiday party in Maryland this year? Are you having a party with another boring dinner? Maybe you are hiring a band or a DJ? Or perhaps you are meeting at a bar or restaurant after work. Forget the usual, why not hire the unusual? Why not have belly dancers?

Make your employees glad to work for your company and to have you as a boss.  A belly dancer at your holiday party will have them talking for months afterwards. Belly dancers are classy professional entertainment for all occasions. We can show up in your company colors too! We will make your event, THE Event of the year.

Belly dancers can add that special touch to your sit down dinner OR if you want to turn it into a party then we can make sure your guests get out onto the dance floor. I have seen corporations hire dance teams to perform gangam style and get everyone out onto the floor, why not have a belly dancer?

Want a fun way to welcome your new employees to the company?  Call them up onto the stage WITH the belly dancer. I can show them some moves and they can join in on the performances. They can show off their newly acquired moves! I have even seen a company purchase costumes for their new employees and having them put on a full show- it was quite a blast!

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Another option aside from performance is to hire belly dancers as ambiance. This is where we would be in costume but not perform.  This is not so that we can serve food as waitresses. This is so that we can greet your guests as they walk in and set the tone for the evening. Think of us as hostesses, really sparkly hostesses!

A lot of people don’t think to hire belly dancers for their events. I hope that with my last few blog posts I have been able to show you that we aren’t just for things that are Arabic themed. Bellydance by Amartia can do it all and  does!