I wanted to chat a bit about finding your niche. Specifically your niche in the world of belly dance. I am going to focus on the business perspective of things but I do know that it can also be tough to find your place in your local dance community as well.

It’s a tough thing to find out what you are as a performer. Usually when you’re looking for your niche, you think, ok what am i good at? what’s my style? how am i different? It’s really easy to figure out how you are the same. and go out there and do the same things as everyone else. You go out, you try to get gigs. what does that mean, you get into restaurants, you dance at haflas, you teach at dance studios. same same same. but what about branching out?

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I’m not going to say the cliche, think outside the box. Because, no one has ever thought of that before! but what i’m getting at is think the same with a twist. be safe in your thinking but add something of value. for instance, teach at a dance studio but make it a ladies night. arrange for daycare for the kids so the moms can have fun. so yes, you’re teaching a dance class but you’re also adding something of value that makes you different from others. why teach at a dance studio or a gym? why not a hair salon or a spa? i’m sure you could find one that would love to have a girls night in with you. they provide the spa services and you provide the lesson. something fun and different. you get business, and so do they. you also reach a different client base than those you might usually reach when teaching at a studio.

Also, i’ts not necessarily advertising yourself as a ___ bellydancer. let’s face it, some audience members don’t know the difference. what i am speaking of is a theme or a tone. your photos, your wording, etc. for instance, we all know Loius Vuitton is a high end brand. do they say hey, we are a high end brand? no, they present themselves in the media that they use, models, actresses, magazines they advertise with, and yes pricing but that is still not listed.

Maybe your niche is the beauty parlor bellydancer. who knows? what i’m trying to get at with this examples is, be bold, be different! it’s ok to not be the same as everyone else. just because they do it, doesn’t mean it’s the right way or the only way. Your niche is just that- YOURS