With the holiday season fast approaching it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details, and you don’t want to wait last minute to make a decision for party entertainment. What will make your party special? Well, I am here to help! Here are 5 holiday party entertainment ideas to make your get-together the envy of all events in Baltimore!

1. Music Contest- Why not have everyone bring their favorite Christmas music and have a contest? See who can find the most obscure Christmas song that the majority of the attendees have never heard before? If you have a few DJ skills then you could also ask people to guess what Christmas song it is after you have remixed it a bit. Either way, it will make your party unique and get people talking and interacting with each other to guess what the song is.

2. Snow Princess- Everyone can have a Santa Clause, why not a snow princess? If your holiday party is family friendly then a snow princess will be a big hit. Having a lovely princess taking photographs and interacting with guests- this will be fabulous! You could have several mingling with your guests, or just one. She could also pose for photos that you give to your guests as a keepsake. A snow princess is also less likely to cause a crying child photograph when compared with Santa Clause.

3. Carolers- This may seem like a no-brainer in the U.S.A. ..it is the holidays; of course there would be carolers. But when was the last party you went to that was actually HAD carolers there? There are many talented agencies that have singers and groups. I am sure that you could hire a group to sing carols as your party. In the Baltimore area, there is Baltimore’s Best Event, Charm City Entertainment and Entertainment Exchange just to name a few.

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4. Bellydancers- A bellydancer in a red, green or white costume can be for the holidays something your guests could have never imagined but will love! Her costuming can be tailored to whatever color scheme you have chosen for your event. Belly dancers are already sparkly and mystical and can dance to your holiday song of choice. Your party would definitely be unique and stand out. A professional belly dancer is also family friendly, so it doesn’t matter if there are children in attendance. She can also pose for photos with your guests as a keepsake after her show- just like Santa!

5. String Quartet- Hire musicians for your event. You can search for them online or use entertainment agencies. See if they can play your favorite holiday songs and they can entertain your guests. You could have them playing for your whole party or may just for the cocktail hour. Again, this will set your event apart. How elegant would your party be with a string quartet! Very unexpected and classic.

I hope these suggestions have helped you with your holiday party entertainment brainstorming. Just remember that whichever you choose, your party will be fabulous! Enjoy the holiday season. I will be belly dancing throughout Baltimore during the holiday season (shameless plug coming on…) so if you like my idea to have one, give me a ring!