I know some of you may be asking, where did the Greek go Amartia? I see all your recent performances on YouTube and they haven’t been Greek Belly Dance lately. Your performances have been more Golden Age style. . Well, you just answered your own question! Golden Age IS Greek. Several of the golden age bellydancers were Greek AND Egyptian. I could go on in depth on that topic but that’s what my workshops are for.

Back to the Greek Dance question- why haven’t you seen it? Well, it’s because I have been going back to my roots. I have been focusing on what I learned when I first started dancing. Back to basics if you will. Not just in Greek style dance but bellydance as well. I am focusing on training and honing my technique. I want to continue to master the nuances of Egyptian style dance. In training in this way,  I hope i will be able to find a happy medium between the Greek dancer that is in my heart and the Egyptian dancer as well.

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It is also difficult to show Greek style as it truly is as it is not very “showy” and what I mean by that is that it is very small, subtle and internal. When it comes to translating it to a big stage performance it is often lost in translation and in order to overcome that it needs to be fused in some way. Not that I don’t love fusing it with the other styles that I have learned but sometimes it would be nice to present it in it’s true form and have the audience truly grasp my culture.

I am doing a lot of studying, practicing and reflection. No one ever stops being a student. I am hoping that I will be able to present my favorite styles of dance in the best way possible and maybe pick up a few tricks along the way. As I myself grow and change, I think that my dance style should too.

So, to sum up, Greek style hasn’t gone anywhere, and if you want my crazy Greek self at your party, I will be more than happy to oblige! It’s just in a cocoon at the moment and it will soon emerge as a beautiful butterfly,all classy and sassy, just you wait!