It may seem like you don’t need an elevator introduction, but you do. Most of the time when speaking to or introducing yourself to a potential client, you have about 30seconds to grasp their attention. You need a 30 second elevator talk about who you are and what you do. You can even use it for an intro if you wish or even your short blurb on social media platforms. This spiel is different from a regular bio in that it encompasses what you do in a much shorter time frame and has a different intention: sales. The best rule of thumb is KISS- keep it short and simple. But if you’re still struggling with it, allow me to present to you my guidelines for coming up for a 30 second spiel for your customers.

Your 30 second elevator introduction should include the following:
Your name. your title- whatever you call yourself in your profession.
“Hello I am Giselda- mistress of unicorns”

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What you provide
” I provide unicorns of all shapes and sizes for your events”

What makes you different
” I am the only one in the area that can provide live unicorns to pet and ride in this area” and I have been featured on party planners USA TV show”


How to reach you or contact you
” I am available on weekends and you can book me through my website”

If you still have time after you’ve time yourself clearly speaking your answers to the above then you can add an additional sentence about what makes you different:
” I have been featured on party planners USA and I provided the unicorns for the govenor’s birthday party”

What makes this different is that each line has the intention to SELL. You are trying to stand out in your customer’s eyes as unique, different and that you have value. These things will also make it easier to state your rates and lessen having to do an explaining of those rates later . Feel free to comment with your attempts at a 30 second elevator introduction, I’d love to see what you come up with!