A vision board seems like it might be a trendy thing to do but it’s probably been around longer than you think just in a different way. Have you ever put up posters of people you admire or things you like? That’s a vision board. Have you put a quote on your phone lockscreen because it inspired you? That’s a vision board. A vision board can be physical or digital. It can be a pile of post-its, a collage of images, words on the wall, whatever YOU need to inspire and push you to grow. There are also apps, pinterest and online platforms that can help you create one and help facilitate your creation process. In this blog post I am going to take you through creating a bellydance vision board and share some of the parts that have gone into my own board.

I am a physical, visual person so I decided to make mine. I used printed photos and sayings as well as a marker, and tape. I prop my up on a white board that I have in my office. I know some put theirs on a separate poster board, or even a cork board and use push pins.

Every vision board is meant to be aspirational. You can make it about dancers that you admire and put their photos on it. Or perhaps sayings that you like from a dancer, or a business person that makes you get up and go. Or even something like I am worth it, or money is mine for the taking.  Here is a photo of some of mine. Since a vision board is personal, I won’t be posting a photo of my full board but I wanted to give you all at least one photo to use.

It can even be something like a boat, a home a costume, something that you work towards every day. If your dream is to teach abroad, put a photo of that in there. Put a photo of someone in front of an audience, or of a beach in the tropics. If your dream is of being an Egyptian dancer than fill your board with things from Egypt, photos of golden age dancers in Egypt, and current dancers in Egypt. The whole point of this is to help give you that sunshine on a day when maybe things aren’t going your way. There is also a way of looking at it as putting your desires out into the universe. I dream it, therefore it will come to me.

I feel like this is why businesses frame their first dollar. Or their first hundred. It’s a way of letting them know that they can do this and they can meet that milestone and every single one after that. And again, a vision board doesn’t have to be fancy or have a lot on it. The whole point is that it is for YOU. And what YOU want in your dance life. It can have the first tip you ever got as a dancer on it, the first bead you lost from a costume, or maybe a bead that you want to put on the costume you are working to afford. Put the photo of the instructor that you can’t afford to take with yet but will soon! Thing big, dream big and put it onto that board. Make it a physical thing that you can look at and look towards every day. That way,it’s not just a thought in your head, it is tangible and you can see it and touch if you want to.

So what do you think readers? Is a vision board for you? Do you have one? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!