Learning early on in my scientific research career what a cruel, unfair thing cancer can be has made me compassionate to continue my work with breast cancer. It is a disease that knows no race, color, gender and it is devastating. My research has included work with colon, esophageal, gastric, and prostate cancers, but during a recent scare, I was requested to have a mammogram with a sonogram follow up. It turned out to be benign. but others are not so lucky.

I know that in October we think of the changing of the leaves, the beauty of fall and the fun of Halloween, but it is also a time to continue to bring awareness to find a cure for Breast Cancer. (Just in case you haven’t noticed my plethora of social media posts about this )

Early detection saves lives and finding a cure starts with hope and funding for continued research. Go get your mammogram. Learn how to give yourself self breast exams. Heck, teach your partner how to give you one!
Take the time to talk and encourage other women to exercise breast health. Get together with a group of women and have a mammogram party: meaning schedule together and go celebrate it with a glass of champagne!

There are loads of organizations to choose from :

Susan G. Komenhttp://ww5.komen.org/
what they do is invalueable. They fund all kinds of breast cancer research from the basic lab sciences to clinical trials in hospitals. They have given $889 million to it. They have a focus on reaching those that either do not have access to or cannot afford care. In line with this they also have a foothold in education. They print educational materials in 26 languages and have outreach programs so people can learn the risks and why they should get screened.

P.ink http://p-ink.org/
I think that not a lot of people know about this one and they should. What they are doing is vital to the self-esteem of the women who are in the throes of this cancer. After a mastectomy or a mass removal, women only have a few options for repair or to feel “normal” again. It is a traumatic thing to have something that identifies you as your sex and is integral to your “beauty” lost. At P.ink they have found a way to help women feel beautiful again- tattoos. They are covering the scars with the most beautiful creative designs I have ever seen. The response from the women who have received the tattoos is wonderful to behold.

I support Make Aberdeen Pink, and to further my commitment to Finding A Cure, my labor of love is a Costume that will help champion Breast Cancer Awareness. $100 from every sale of this design will go to Make Aberdeen Pink. Even if you don’t purchase a costume, please find it in your heart to make a donation this month to Help Support the Cure for Breast Cancer.
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