Now this may seem a little bit crazy, what does baking a cake have anything to do with losing anything? Well, let me tell you the full story.

The Cake is Fanaropita that is named after Saint Fanourios. The cake is made so that the Saint may help someone find something whether it be an item, a job, a deal, or even to restore the health of someone who is sick. It is meant to be made and then given away. It is said that the Saint himself made things and gave them away in order to help others.

(From the site) Saint Fanourios is without doubt an important and holy youthful figure, who stands out in a particular way among the other Saints of Christianity, as he is not only honored on a single date, but the faithful often make use of the well-known “Fanouropita” (Fanourios cake). Saint Fanourios, who lived during Roman times, went up bravely against those who did not value Christian values.  He also taught us that the crown of a virtuous life is not easily won but only through continuous tests – with boldness, patience and perseverance. Therefore, as true fighters of the faith let us imitate the exemplary and irreproachable life of the Saint, so that we too may be found worthy to honor the Christian name we bear, as he so fittingly did.

According to my mom, it only matters that the cake has 7 ingredients. My mom’s version of the recipe I will share below but if you’re in a bind and want to make a cake to honor him, as long as it has 7 ingredients, that’s what matters. And of course the thought that goes behind it. It is one of my favorite traditions, because it is given away. It is not for you to eat it all yourself ( although it is yummy!) it is to share it with others.

So if you are searching for something and need a little guidance, make a fanaropita, share it and let Saint Fanourgos lend you a hand.

My mom’s recipe:

This is my mom's recipe for Fanaropita. Yes, it's on a post-it and somehow I know what it says. This is how my mom tells me them. What is Fanaropita? (I'll blog you the long story later) It is a cake made for Agios Fanourgous. It is said to bring #luck. You bake this cake when you have lost something or are looking for something. Could be as small as keys to a new job. It has to have at least 7 ingredients and the point is to give it away. I love that last part. You bake something for luck but you give it away, you share the luck with others. Bring joy to others first, and yours will come. Thanks Mom- now where is my Metaxa brandy? #greek #greekrecipe #greekcake #greekmom #baking #fanaropita #food #cake #letthemeatcake

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