I know it’s hard for some of us in the Northeast to imagine with all of the snow that we have been getting recently it but spring is around the corner! It’s time to think about Easter and of course- Mardi Gras!  Make your Fat Tuesday a PHAT Tuesday!

Why not have your own Mardi Gras party to celebrate the beginning of this winter thaw. There are some great easy things that you can do that will set your party above the rest. Beads and feather masks are a must and you can get those at the dollar store.  You can stage your own bead throwing contest. But what would make your party really different? Have a belly dancer!

baltimore bellydance happy hour, baltimore belly dance happy hour, bellydance by amartia

A belly dancer is colorful engaging entertainment that fits right in with the Mardi Gras theme. You can have the dancer perform and get your guests going with loads of audience participation. Another avenue is to have a belly dance happy hour where the person who has the best shimmy at the end of the lesson gets the really big expensive beads!  Or stage a shimmy contest where those who aren’t participating can give beads to the contestants and that person with the best shimmy wins! Thirdly, after the lesson is over use the shimmies as a reason to throw beads instead of.. Well, other not family suitable rated things! Lol

A belly dance can also match her costume to the standard Mardi Gras colors of green, purple, and yellow. Some costumes even come with feathers already on them! Maybe you want to get really crazy and ask for LED Isis Wings! (I can do that- I have a pair and I love them!)

So the short of it is that if you want to have a great party for Mardi Gras- call a belly dancer. It will be the best Tuesday anyone has ever had!