As my fellow curly girls can attest, finding the best products for your curls can take years! It may seem really easy to just pick something up off the shelf and go but it isn’t. Not all curls are the same either. I have 2 different types of curls on my head as well as a completely different type of texture associated with them. What takes away my volume for one, adds to the other, uplifts one curl, flattens the other and so on.

So when a friend of mine told me about curlbox I was overjoyed and yet also amazed that i’d never heard of it. Don’t get me wrong my stylist (a curlygirl herself) has been great for recommending products but it’s nice to have a variety to cover all facets of my work and dance life and all the weather contained herein.

I’ve been getting the boxes for about 3 months now and I am not disappointed. The value of the products that you get far outweighs the cost and the products are great! They cover everything from styling to washing to haircolor to just plain hair growth and care. It’s been super fun trying them all out and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Here are a few photos that I’ve posted after using the amazing products:

What does ⛆☇mean? Curls! #curlygirl #curlbox #curlybox #curlsfordays #hair #haircare

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My full face a fabulous hair from Friday night #artofthebelly #makeup #bellydancer #bellydancebyamartia #curlygirl #curlbox #makeupaddict

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The box itself is also great. It comes in a nice box with tissue paper, a flyer explaining what you got and the purpose behind it as well as letting you know when the live chat is for the month. The website also has a blog that ties into the box so you know what to do with what you might be unsure of. And if you really like something you can purchase those products or even get another whole box that you can gift to a friend. The last touch is the coupon codes that come out sometimes for a product that is a bit pricey that helps you fit that curl enhancing wonder into your budget.

SO if you’re thinking about it, please try it! If you see any products in my pics that you’d like a more comprehensive review on, let me know! I’d be happy to go on.. and ON about my likes and dislikes and pros and cons on them.