This week’s post is just for FUN! I wanted to give you all a peek into my life. I am super excited because I have a fish! Now, to some, a fish might not seem like a big deal but I was never allowed to have one growing up. Not any type of pet. My brother and sister and I fought hard to at least be allowed to have a fish but my parents said no. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a pet. And this past Valentine’s day my honey made it come true! I am the proud mama of a crown beta fish. I introduce all of you to Cinnamon!
When we first got him he was in a vase-like tank as my honey didn’t know what I wanted in terms of size, and other tank additions and didn’t want to scare the guy by moving him around all the time. 

He currently resides in a nice sized tank with greek columns for him to swim around and hide behind. Yes, I had to make his tank Greek. He likes flairing his tail at me, especially if he thinks I’m taking to long to feed him. He seems to recognize my face and swims up to me when I come to the tank. He is a very happy fish and I look forward to having him for a few years.

Do you have a fish? or  pet? Share your photos below!