Just in time for Halloween! This is not a fake post or a spoof. There truly exists a product called unicorn snot and it is the most awesome glitter ever! You can get it relatively cheaply on amazon. I have used it to create a few looks from time to time and i have put it on my hair, face and body.

The consistency is not what you might have experienced from other glitter products and the glitter is fine but shows up a lot. I did not experience it scratching up my face nor did it feel rough on my hands.

Also, it doesn’t really dry out per say, it remains supple. The glitter doesn’t dry up and fall off all over the place. If you want it to come off you have to use something to get it off such as a makeup remove wipe or as in the case of me using it to make glitter stripes in my hair: wash your hair. I will say that after a shower, there was no trace of glitter anywhere. I have used products in the past where I was still finding glitter in places days after I had used it. That is not the case with unicorn snot.

What I have and used is the silver snot. I have not tried out the other colors yet. I figured silver would be a safe bet since I have dark hair, it would show up the best. My goal was to turn myself into a sparkly version of the Bride of Frankestein and the looks I got told me I succeeded!

I used the glitter snot in my hair. I applied it using the non-tooth side of the comb. I dipped it into the jar scooped it up and ran it across my head. Now, my hair was pulled back into a ponytail so it did have a flat surface to adhere to. I used it like any glitter lotion on my abdomen and it was a little cold- the consistently is more gel-like than I am accustomed to. I also used a little bit of it on my makeup. For face, I have the EyeCandy glitter which is finer so I typically use that.  I can also tell you that all of it, and I mean all, washed off in the shower. Also, I didn’t find tiny flakes of glitter about the next day. I didn’t use any special remover or body wash than usual.

My results of use are below:



Have you ever tried it? Are you going to try it now? Please let me know how it goes and feel free to share your experiences in the comments below! Unicorn snot can be fun for everyone!