It seems like no matter how the algorithm is adjusted, the number of followers that you have on any given social media platform matters. There has always been a math for figuring out if you were in the “ok” range: your follows to followers ratio is 1 to 2. You always want to be followed by at least double the amount that you are following. So, yes, the number of social media followers matters but that’s not everything you should be paying attention to in your social media business endeavors.

You could have 2000 followers on social media ( sounds good, right?) but if none of them are engaging on your posts then it doesn’t matter. You could have 200 followers but if every single one of them is engaging, liking and commenting on your posts then that is far better! You may not get the ooh and aah of the 2K mark but that is not what is going to increase your business and profits.

bellydance by amartia instagram, instagram bellydance by amartia

Now the tricky portion is, how do I get my followers to engage more? Should I post more or less? In the morning or at night? That is all dependent on your audience. This is where testing is key. Take a week or two and see what posts get a spike in response. All of this needs to be done across platforms. The timing for every platform is different just like the demographic for each is different. You may say, Amartia there is no way I can come up with enough original content to do this across several platforms! And my answer is that you don’t have to. You can take advantage of sharing and re-posting across apps to see what types of posts resonate with what audience at one time. Now this is not to say that you should allow yourself to become lazy and re-share the same 7 things across weeks at a time but it’s ok to duplicate your content a bit in the testing phase.

Lastly, and this one may seem obvious, but make it FUN! Your followers will know if you’re forcing it. Your followers are following you because they are interested in YOU not a duplicate business or artist. Just continue to be original and to be yourself. Don’t be concerned with what other accounts are doing past inspiration. Copycat accounts generally lose followers and not gain them.

So get out there and have fun with your social media! Before you know it your followers and engagements will grow!