cosmopolitan costumes, designs by amartia

Dominate the Stage



Product Description

Faux leather with spikes, hearts, red leather belts with rhinestones, tattoo like inserts, and a shoulder epilette so you can dominate that stage! Don’t worry, the spikes are flexible, you can sit on them and you won’t get stabbed. Bra with detail is separate from the skirt so you can make it shorter for your torso. 2 armbands are shown.

BRA: 26-36 end to end, it stretches. Cups are 6X7X8inches. It will definitely fit a D cup.
The cage part is 10.5, 10 and then 9.5inches horizontally. It is 13inches from the center of the bra to the end. It currently attaches to the skirt with lingerie hooks but you can move them if you need it to be shorter. Also the edges actually attach as belts, so like with any belt, if there is a hole you can fit it in, you’re good. (That did NOT sound right but it’s true!)

SKIRT: 28-almost 40 at the top. There is about 2-3more inches of give (conservatively) for fabric that was gathered for a tighter fit. The belts also help to tighten things if you need it.
The bootie area is 32-39inches- again I don’t like to stretch things too far by pulling and mess up beading.
It is 37inches long but I know that someone 5ft2 who tried it on had no problems- depends on your bootie. The slits may seem dangerous but they are not. They are rounded at the top and the inserts are strategically placed. They are 6inches from the top at the highest and round down 2 more inches..


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