Quality is always better than quantity. I hear things like this from a lot of people who reach out to me for a marketing assessment: But I blog a thousand times a day, why aren’t I getting sales? Or my ad is visible on Facebook 10 days in a row, why is no one clicking on it? Why are people hiding my ads?

It is far better to spend time writing a quality blog article and posting it- within reason than to rush and have a hundred out there. Just like with a performance, would you rather work on it and present a finished product? Or the first thing that comes into your head?

It’s easy in today’s age of digital advertising and social media to push your signal out there over and over again. But with that you run the risk of someone declining your content or even hiding it. What you want is people searching your content out and trying to find it. I know, it’s hard to take a bit of a back seat when you find others pushing it over and over again. But ask yourself this, how many Louis Vuitton pop up ads do you see on your screen vs something like Walmart? And there is your answer.

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The same can be true for bellydance newsletters. If you’re filling my inbox day after day with your messages, I’m much more likely to ignore them. If it’s the whole point of your message and the subscribers of your email list know that- ie, daily _ then yes, and it’s also something they have specifically signed up for. For instance, a daily exercise program is a great example, but if it’s about your services and classes, not so much. You can create a daily bellydance tip and then include links to your information but don’t blast people. It’s the quickest way to lead them to the unsubscribe button.

So under certain circumstances, weekly is OK, monthly is best. If you have something going on monthly that I want to attend, trust me I’ll add it to my calendar. It is true that in this day and age of constant media, we do need reminders but if you send out a newsletter monthly you can time it such that the reminder is right before the next event. or have a button that I can click to add it to my calendar in that moment.

The next time you set up a bellydance newsletter campaign, think about the following questions:
Have I already sent out this information to my subscribers?
Is this a sales filled newsletter or an informational newsletter?
Am I emailing them more than once a month?
Am I sending my subscribers something of value?
Have I taken the time to include great content?
Am I rushing to get this out?

Once you have asked yourself these questions you’ll be able to get a feel for if the quality of your bellydance newsletter is one that you should send out or hold off on.

Have questions of your own that you use to evaluate your newsletters? Need help figuring out if your newsletter sounds too much like a sales pitch? Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email. I’m happy to help!