I get questioned a lot about the number of photoshoots I book with professional photographers and makeup artists so I wanted to address it. I’m sure some of the initial incentive is to find out how I have the money to do so or why I am spending “all that money” on them. That is of course, none of anyone’s business. The main reason why I have professional photos taken is marketing. Good, clean photos are easy to edit into flyers (have you ever tried to cut a complicated background out of a pic? it is a nightmare!!), to post on social media, and just plain look better to prospective clients.

Even with those responses, those who question professional photos, come up with statements about phones taking great photos,having apps for editing, etc. My answer is again, marketing. While it’s great to have shots during a performance, which are usually from a phone, a professional photo is still better. I have honestly never heard a client tell me, I loved that Facebook photo you posted from your phone! I saw that bathroom selfie and had to book you! Even videos from my phone don’t get the kind of response and hits that a well produced, professionally edited video does.

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While selfies are fun, they don’t show your client everything. A behind the scenes shot is great, a pic with clients, but they want to see YOU! They want to be able to zoom in and see the intricacy of your costume, your look without seeing pixellation. You can’t really get those types of photos from a selfie. A professional photo also gives the illusion of wealth- that you have a photographer who can follow you around or can book a shoot. Think of it in terms of celebrities. Most of those photos that Kim posts are not taken by her, they are take by a pro, even when they go onto her Instagram.

Please don’t take this to mean that I am entirely anti-selfie. I am not. Selfies are a great way to show that you have a fun side and as I stated earlier, having pics of yourself interacting with your clients is always a great thing. Clients posting photos OF you is one thing, sharing a few to social media, showing off a cool dressing room, backstage fun, but your client doesn’t need to see 70 bathroom shots. Cell phones can do a lot but they can’t beat a professional photographer with a professional light set up.

Do you agree? Or disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!