So, where have you been? Why haven’t you been blogging? Why aren’t you available?

I want to apologize to my avid readers for taking a big of a blogging vacation. I found myself struggling to come up with content and I didn’t care for that feeling. I have found that if I push a blog post out simply for the sake of adding content to my site, it’s just not right. The post is fluff, has no substance and usually isn’t well received by my readers.

So why haven’t I been creative?¬† Answering this question is something that i myself struggle with. It’s so easy to list a myriad of things that¬† might be keeping my creative juices at bay and some of it is quite personal, but all that needs to be said it that it just wasn’t there. That is a little note I’d like to touch on in this post.

Stop explaining yourself to everyone. Saying no is OK. Being unavailable is OK. If you’re not feeling it, don’t push it. Self care and taking a step back is OK. There is no need to explain your action to anyone. All you are usually doing is leaving things open for them to question your decisions or your motives. And both of those are none of anyone’s business. It may seem harsh but it’s something that I have had to learn over time.

So make sure that you know that it is ok to take a break. Usually you come back more energized than ever- which is what I plan on doing over the next few weeks! I am back blog readers!