It may seem like I’m on a spam/scam this month and that’s because I am. The number of emails and spam callers has been staggering so I thought I’d address it in the best forum I have: my blog! Have you experienced this situation? You get phone calls that you don’t recognize the number and it could be a client about a gig. Do you answer?

I know that as a small business, I get loads of calls that are not from clients. They are from companies trying to sell me new wifi, long distance, solar panels, and more. They obviously picked it from a listing and are calling me. They don’t know that it is serviced based and not brick and mortar and usually, they don’t care. I know that we have unlimited minutes but the last thing any of us wants to do is be on the phone with a pushy salesperson. Also, it has come out that once you answer, they know the line is “live” and continue to pester you.
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(Get ready for a rant) What ever happened to leaving a message? Is that 30 seconds too precious to leave your name and number and let me know that you’d like to hire me? If you do need someone’s services, leave one. I will call you back but only if you leave a message. If not,then I assume you are a spam/scammer and move on. If you’re not comfortable speaking, then email me. If you were able to find my phone number then my website is right there too and it’s got contact forms on almost every page.

So, what do I do? The best way to combat this issue is to be really clear in my voicemail message. I say what my business hours are and reiterate that leaving a message is the best way to get a hold of me. I also let them know that this number is a mobile phone and texting is another option. I have yet to have a robot call text me so so far, this has been safe. If you feel comfortable, you can also leave your email address in your voicemail to give them the option to email you the information.

All of these things are steps. And most of the time scammers aren’t interested in steps.They just want to get a person on the phone so they can start their sales pitch. Even if it takes calling you once a day for months- giving up is no tin their mindset.

So for those of us that want to make sure our clients can reach us but don’t want to deal with scammers, adjusting your voicemail is the most effective method I have found so far.
If you’re up for sharing your methods, please do! WE can always use the help to continue to stay informed and combat this!