I wanted to clue you guys in on an amazing experience that I am having with Stitchfix, the monthly clothing box. I know, it may seem like I am the queen of monthly boxes, but this one is really amazing. I had heard about it form a few friends and decided to try it out for myself. And wow!


I asked my stylist for clothes for career wear. I told her about my dance career and my love for edgier designs but that I wanted something that I could wear to the office. and do a day and night look. I must say she delivered.


Yes, there are times when fits are quite right and I have to return things. but she always listens to me and we work it out.


The box comes with a package to mail what you purchased back with (if you got shoes they are within a larger box so you can ship them), an itemized list of what you got with prices, a thank you card, and the style card from your stylist with ideas for your looks and a personal message from your stylist.


Cards for all of the looks:
The items:

It's here!!!can't wait to play @stitchfix #fix #stitchfix #fashion #clothes #fun #style #shopping #styleprofile

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Some of my looks:

Just some of the cute outfits I've created with my fixes. I love stitchfix #style #stitchfix #stitchfixstylist #stylist #outfits #fashion @stitchfix thank you!!

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The great part is that each month is different. You don’t always get shoes or other accessories, unless you want them. and you can ask for more bottoms than tops, like I did one month so we could try to work out the finding bottoms that fit my dancer hips problem. What I love is that my stylist pushes me. There are quite a few pieces that if I saw them on the rack, I never would have picked up for myself; or fashion trends that I didn’t try or wasn’t brave enough to. She has really opened my eyes to styles that I didn’t think would work for me or could put together. The outfit cards have given me some great ideas too AND helped me tie things into my wardrobe. I have had many- I didn’t think about putting those together! moments.


So Kat, wherever you are- keep it up I love it!
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