The immediate answer is of course you should! But I know how you feel. Your calendar is FULL of haflas, workshops and shows every weekend. If you count other belly dancer’s restaurant gigs, then it could be every night is full. Not to mention your own gigs and familial obligations. It is really hard to find the time.

There are a few reasons to attend and support local events:

1. It supports the Local Economy: If you go to events then you are putting that money into the employees and business owner’s hands and maybe they will hire more dancers OR have dancers at private events. The higher the demand for dancers, the better for all. Perhaps they will have room for you in their next show or on a schedule.

2. Paying it Forward: In some areas, if you don’t go to other dancers events then they won’t come to yours. It’s an I scratch your back, you scratch mine scenario. Another way to look at it is if you were a student dancer in the show, wouldn’t you feel great if you looked out and saw a pro in the audience? Or a pro seeing a fellow pro in the audience- they know how hard it is to find time to come to events and you made the time.
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3. Recognizance: If you are a scheduling dancer, then you should go to local events to keep up on the up and comers. How do you know if there is a new dancer that you could add to the schedule if you don’t know they exist? Some dancers may know to contact you but some may not. It is also an opportunity to see those dancers that may have contacted you.

Lastly, even if you can’t make it to a full event, got to the show or go see a fellow dancer at a restaurant. At the very least, it’s a nice night out with a show for you/ you and a friend. Experience what it’s like to be on the OTHER side of the table for a change. And we all know, everyone needs a night out! So, get out there and support your local Baltimore belly dance event- even if it’s just once every 6 months, it will be appreciated!