As I pose this question, I think I already might know the answer: Does anyone else second guess posting a video online? I am usually pretty hard on myself when it comes to getting the best video possible. Please tell me I’m not alone!

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar:
You come home from an event and everyone is asking you to post your video. You haven’t even watched it yet. When you do actually drum up the courage to watch it, you go through a series of events that I like to call the seven stages of posting your dance video online. I have adapted the five stages from those of grieving and added a couple more. Now I’m not trying to say that posting a video online can be like grief. But for a lot of us artists, the process can be quite similar.

1. Wait 3 weeks to watch the video. I’m serious. I can almost never watch my video right after an event. I need to give myself time for separation. Then when I finally do watch it…

2. Denial- This must be someone else’s video, not mine. Someone else wore the same color costume, right?

3. Anger/Dismay- How could i have possibly performed like this? All that practice gone down the tubes? What is my right arm thinking? Why does my face look like that ? How did I not feel my hair get stuck my lipstick?

4. Bargaining- It’s ok, no one cares if I don’t post my video, right? It’s ok if dancers don’t have videos posted of their performances. Maybe I can change the lighting or edit out all the parts I don’t like? A 30second clip will be ok.

5. Depression: I guess this is as good as i’m going to get. I’ll post it and then get no views and no new clients. I’ll just be THAT dancer who had the horrible video.

6. Acceptance- I got this. I can post it. It’s an actual representation of me dancing and it needs to be out there. At least I am/was brave enough to put myself out there in front of a group of people and record it. that’s more than most!

7. More distance from the computer after posting so if there are no comments or likes or views I don’t obsess over it. A few days away from the computer and then stepping back can do wonders!

So there you have it, my seven stages of posting a dance video online. If you can commiserate or perhaps you have a few steps of your own to add, please do so below!