Hello Dancers.

This post is a little bit different. It’s not directly related to dance but to the dancer. I want to talk about taking care of YOU. I’m not talking about cross training or yoga, I mean you as a person.

So often we get caught up in the go go go and dance dance dance that we forget to take time out to nurture our inner selves. We can easily tap ourselves dry if we’re not careful and then what soul will there be left to share on that stage?

Here are 4 ways that I take care of ME.

  1. Massage- I know, this one seems dance related, but it’s not. Having a massage helps me keep in touch with my body. What needs attention, what doesn’t, is there something that I’ve ignored that needs attention? On the plus side, it also forced me to sit still and do nothing for an hour.

  2. Meditation- Another one that’s hard for us movers. I’ve taken meditation classes and also used an app on my phone and I find that even 15min. really helps recenter me and calm my mind either before bed or before starting my day.

  3. Unplug. We are so tuned in to our electronics for marketing, gig booking, that it is hard to look away. But do so. Even if you have to lock them in a box. Take some time to do something else, even if it’s housework. I’ve been know to take a hiatus from Facebook or even schedule posts over the weekend so I can walk away. As these signs I’ve seen at local businesses say, “Pretend it’s 1959 and talk to each other!”

  4. baltimore belly dancer, belly dancer baltimore, bellydance by amartia

  5. Embrace the non-dancers. Spend time with your close friends and family. Even if it’s just for a lunch. Talk about things that aren’t dance related: art, food, current events, whatever it is. Remember that dance is only part of your life and the other parts are good too.

Well, I hope this little peek into my inner world and perhaps one of these things will resonate with you. If you try them out and they work for you,then please let me know. I love knowing that I’ve helped someone or that they’ve learned from my journey.