How do you top off- your nail polish?

This is something that every dancer rather, every woman deals with. You get ready to go out and ask you look down, there is a chip in your polish. Now, I don’t know about you but I tend to go for bolder colors so the chip is always very evident.

I am not one of those women who can go and get gels or acrylics done. I have in the past and when my nails are protected and don’t break, they grow super long, super fast. So instead of having to go back to the nail salon once every 2-3 weeks, I was at 7-10 days. I just can’t fit that into my schedule or my budget. SO my quest was to find something that would stay.

Some would say, what about gel at home? For those that have the wherewithal to get the gel and the lamp, go for it. But at the same time, what if I want to change my polish? that involves soaking and other procedures.

Yes, I want it all. I want the polish to stay one when I want and to come off when I want so my quest was to find a good top coat.

I have used the wet n wild top coat and it’s great for making your polish shiny but boy does it not keep it on any longer than usual.

I also have used OPI UV top coat. That works relatively well and lasts about a week at most for me. Also, it has the cool affect of changing your polish color in the sunlight.

I recently got a new brand, called trendy polish and her top coat works pretty well. I get about 10 days out of it and it is super shiny in terms of keeping the nail polish looking fresh.

An option that most forget about is that the new over the counter gel systems, are now separating their top coats. You can take that top coat and put it over any polish you choose. Sally hansen has a good one that has worked very well for me. I can get my polish to last 2 week.s It has to be applied 2 min after your polish. Drawbacks are that it does take a while to dry and it is harder to come off than your regular polish.

In terms of nail designs (yes I love those too!) I have seen similar results with all of these top coat options. i will say that if you use decals or stickers, really slap on that top coat. I’ve had them come off a lot more quickly, taking my polish with it, when I don’t do so.

One last thing I’d like to note is that I always use a base coat. My brand varies but that helps my nails take the polish a little bit better and application to go a bit more smoothly.

I hope you’ve learned something from my review and please feel free to share your own experiences. You can also see more reviews and looks by checking out my
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