As any Maryland Belly Dancer like Bellydance By Amartia knows, what a client knows or does not know about you can be taken in two ways. One it affects your ability to sell your services and two do they even know that belly dancers exist as an entertainment option.

Hard for us hardcore fans to believe but there are actually people out there who have no idea that bellydancers exist. They don’t know that there are shows, haflas, or even restaurants that have dancing. (Are they living under a rock?) I know that they exist because my friends and I used to be them. Until I saw the flyer for belly dance classes at the gym, I had no idea that there were classes or that there were dancers at restaurants. You mean I can find bellydancers performing in public? You mean I can hire them to come to my house? Reaching these people is a question of marketing which is a whole other blog post topic entirely.

Bellydance by Amartia Dance Abingdon Kid's Party

What I would like to focus on next is those that know we exist but may not understand what we have to offer. First, I would like to say that we are not strippers. My performances are family friendly, all –ages appropriate. I may wear a flashy two piece costume but I am always classy and as a Good Greek Girl, all of my bits are going to stay covered!

I put a lot of work into my shows. I choose music specific to an event, costuming, props, and more. I put thought into it. I normally don’t dance the same set at every party. I ask questions, find out what the crowd will be, maybe they have a favorite song? That is something that I will take the time to find and include in my performances. The package they choose will also determine my music choices.  My costuming is also adjusted. Does my client want something more conservative or flashy or does the guest of honor have a favorite color? Again, all of these things are taken into account. And that is also reflected in the number of packages I offer. I want to make sure that I can find a way to fit your needs, your vision for your event.

Dance may not be the only career path that I have pursued in my life, but it is a career. I take my job seriously. I didn’t put professional in front of belly dancer to make myself sound good. It means that I have studied for a long time and continue to do so.  I charge rates that are comparable to the other professional bellydancers in the area and that I am dependable, reliable and on time.

Lastly, before I allow myself to rant. I CARE. That is the most important thing that I wish clients knew about me: Bellydance by Amartia CARES about doing a good job, making your event spectacular, leaving you with a fond memory and desire to hire a bellydancer again.