After the great response to the last post by Bellydance by Amartia interviewing Bonus Greek Review Mom as to what is Greek bellydance; it was only natural that there should be a part 2!

So, I decided to bug my cousin and get the younger generation’s version. She also read part 1 and wanted to add her own thoughts. So here is part 2, the cousin edition.

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Me: What is Greek Belly dance to you? Is it tsifteteli?

Cousin: Greek belly dance is tsifteteli.

Me: What movements does it involve?

Cousin: It involves hand movements, rolling your hips, and shimmying.

Me: What about the music?

Cousin: The music can be both slow and fast. But I think more of the modern stuff tends to be faster

Me: There are some that say that Greek bellydance has finger cymbals and is fast paced and has floor work, thoughts?

Cousin: No finger cymbals. Kicks and splits are zembekiko not tsifteteli. Same with dancing on the floor that’s zembekiko too. Greek belly dancing or “to xoro tis kilias” is reserved for dancing on top of tables or bars so all eyes are on you.

Me: What about the more recent music coming out of Greece?

Cousin: Depending on the artist, Modern Greek music can be either tsifteteli or hip hop. Kiamos is tsifteteli and stavento is hip-hop. Most of the time, even the hip-hop Greek songs the young people are still doing a tsifteteli to at the clubs.

Me: Do you think that Turkish belly dance is the same as Greek belly dance?

Cousin: I don’t know what Turkish belly dance is but I will say that I’m sure it originated as the same form and has adapted over time based on the location. I’m sure most moves are the same and with some variation.

My cousin has seen me dance a few times and seen other dancers at hookah bars and restaurants. She has also been known to end up on a table or two herself both here and in Greece.

So there you have it further clarification on What is Greek bellydance; Bellydance by Amartia presents the part 2 cousin edition. Feel free to comment and share!