Here in Baltimore, Greek festival season starts in June and goes all the way through to November. Almost every single Greek Orthodox Church in the area has their own festival at some point during the year. The biggest festival in Baltimore is the one at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Greek town. They close off 3 blocks and the vendors, food, and fun go from the church all the way down to the Platea portion.

So, if this is your first time at a Greek festival, what should you be sure to do?

1. Greek Coffee. You can get it in 2 ways- there is traditional style which is hot in a small cup. Make sure to ask for it with sugar. If you try to add it afterwards, all you’ll end up doing is getting the grounds back into the coffee. You can also have a frappe which is not like a Frappuccino and is the cold way we serve Greek coffee. Be forewarned, it is very strong so make sure not to get one at the end of the day unless you want to be up all night!


2. Food Food and more food. Typically there is different food inside of the church than out on the Platea but not always. Inside of the church has more vegetarian options. I myself, go for a fully loaded Gyro with tzatziki sauce. But if you want to try a little bit of everything, go right ahead. There are plenty of meat and non-meat options to be had!


3. Watch Some Dancing. Make sure that once you grab yourself a plate or two, eat where there is dancing. It’s going to be crowded but go for it. You also may have to brave the heat but it’s worth it. The dancing is done by groups from all around the state from very tiny dancers to teenagers. Feel free to clap and holler and show them how much you love their dancing. The announcer will let you know the names of the dances and from where they originated. Each group also sports a different costume from a different area of Greece. The colors are a sight to behold.

4. Dessert. My significant other and I differ as to what desert is the best. I am a loukoumades girl. I love them hot right from the syrup. He is a baklava man- in any form. He usually splurges on the baklava ice cream at the festival.

So there you have it, coffee food and dancing. Make sure you head out to your local Greek festival and enjoy all that Greek hospitality has to offer! Feel free to comment with your own favorites below.